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#Crossiscoming are you ready?

With the season for most endurance folks coming to an end what is left for a person seeking something different. Why not try Cyclocross, the elements of road and mountain biking with some running and jumping thrown in what else could one ask for? The sounds of cowbells and the smells of fresh mud are the signs that the fun is only beginning. Have you prepared enough to endure the fun and furious racing that has taken the cycling world by storm?

This type of racing is a great change from the everyday tortures/fun of long slow distance riding, for those of us that race in the spring and summer. It is also a great way to make new friends and challenge yourself past your limits. If you are ready to reach into a different type of cycling, a different type of fun, reach out to Finish Strong Endurance. We are here to make you the best athlete you can be. Whether you are trying to race cyclocross this season or you are preparing for 2018 now is the time to sign up for coaching!

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