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       Finish Strong Endurance is here to serve every budget in endurance sports.  Whether you are just starting out and want to complete your first race or you have been in the sport for years and want a new pr or to accomplish a new distance we are here for you.  Are most popular option is one on one coaching.  In this option you are give a customized training plan for your whole season.  These are great, but are pricier due to the time that is used to craft them. 

       Our newest option for coaching is through training plans.  These are designed for athletes that need guidance and would like to compete at a high level.  Please feel free to click through the services and email about any of our services.  I pride myself in answering emails within a two day span and try my hardest to get back to all emails within 24 hours.


This plan includes: a monthly overview program and contact through email (a 3-month commitment is required).



This plan includes: summary of all anticipated races, detailed weekly training programs, weekly contact, 4x per month workout revisions and race preparation (a 6-month commitment is required).



This plan includes: summary of all anticipated races, detailed weekly training programs, weekly contact, 4x per month workout revisions, power analysis and race preparation (a 9-month commitment is required).



Each coaching plan that is offered is available for triathletes with an upcharge due to more complexity.


BIKE FITTING ($200/2hrs.)

Fitting for your current road, mountain or cyclocross bike.


TRI BIKE FITTING ($250/2hrs. 30 mins.)

Fitting on current Tri or TT bike.



This is a two-hour practical clinic designed to help new and experienced cyclists or triathletes become more comfortable with handling a bicycle. This course will cover everything from clipping into your pedals to being able to ride in a group confidently.



This clinic is designed for the athlete who has gone through the basic clinic. This clinic is four hours long, split between two hours in the classroom and a two-hour practical class. The clinic will reveal multiple skills required to achieve optimal performance on your bike whether you are a roadie, triathlete, or one who loves to stick to the trails; this clinic will help you reach your goals.



This is a two-day clinic designed to help improve your skills in all three sports. This clinic is open to athletes that have completed the basic cycling clinic. Each day is four hours long and will include two hours in the classroom and two hours for practical.


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