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Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,

      I hope you are having a great holiday season and all your shopping is done. Whether you traveled to visit family or they traveled to see yo, I can guarantee one thing. The holidays will bring love, presents and lots of food.  I am back home in Louisiana and there will be way too much to eat.  To combat the high intake of food I have decided to join in on the Strava Festive 500. If you are not familiar with his challenge it is 500km by bike from Christmas eve to New year's day. 

      If you are in the mood to get on your bike this year now is the time to finish Strong!  Go out with a bang for 2016 and bring in 2017 a little sore and join the festivities.  Even if you do not wish to do the full 500k get out and swim bike or run. we all know that this time of year is to celebrate with friends and family so bring someone with you and be safe! 

      To every one thank you for a great year.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.  Here's to the great times we had and the great times ahead of us.

Cheers and Finish Strong,

Dylan Hebert

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