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Basic cycling clinic

Austin, TX

This is a two hour practical clinic that is used to help a new or experienced cyclist or triathlete become more comfortable with handling a bicycle.  This will cover everything from clipping into your pedals to being able to ride in a group with no hesitation. 



Advanced Cycling Clinic

Austin, TX

This clinic that should be used by an athlete that has gone through the basic clinic.  This clinic will be four hours long and include a two hour class as well as a two hour practical.  This clinic will show you multiple skills that are needed to achieve optimal performance on your bike whether you are a roadie, triathlete or you like to stick to the trails this clinic will help you reach your goals.



Traiathlon Clinic

Austin, TX

This is a two day clinic that will help improve your skills in all three sports.  This clinic will be available to athletes that have completed the basic cycling clinic.  Each day is four hours long and will include two hours in the class room and two hours practical.  


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